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Make This place Live..

Mar 31, 2014 at 11:31 AM
Hello Guys ,
the author has done a great job to write a working driver for S7 controller using S7 protocol (ISO TCP).
The reason why i appreciate this is S7 ISO TCP is a mistry protocol. Siemens never published it not there is any available document for it. Looks like the LibNoDave guy was first employed with siemens then turned into a freelancer. But i like this project more than LibNoDave coz this one gives you the root of communication and feel how communication is actually done. I have written such working code for modbus tcp / modbus rtu but when i put my nose into S7 , eeh felt as if Siemens does not like people to talk to their device and hence it was all pain unless i found S7.Net..
This work deserves to be appreciated..
Sachin Singh
Sachneider Electric